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Liquidity is King

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Markets all over the world, in nearly any asset class, display a preference for liquidity over quality, location and return. To bet against this tsunami is dangerous to market surfers.

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  1. Erich
    Posted: 26 February 2013 at 15:24 pm

    Hi Dean
    I follow you posts since some time and just had the pleasure to read “clash of Cultures” by John Bogle (who also referenced you). I understand the your vote for liquidity and for gold. as well as Bogle votum for cost efficient index investing.
    Things look easy if you are a USD investor. However my living, family, and income is in Switzerland. Liquidity has almost a real cost here because interest rates might be lower that inflation. Therefore I would like your view on the currency influence of investing. I am well aware that over long term returns must correlate to real costs (of living or of doing business?) and real returns. However in the current system of central banks owning state debt and engaging in currency wars, I am not clear how to express real value and consequently how to invest my moderate funds.