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Ode to Jim

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My long time friend, James Fraser, leader of the Contrary Opinion Forum and many other things connected with independent thinking died this week. This is my video Ode to Jim.

Here is an abbreviated transcript:

Ode to Jim

Hey, Jim. You are getting ahead of me again… ever the leader as you have been in intellectual thought, ethical standards. promotion of important financial thinkers. Now that you are in the place where we will both be staying, save a place for me. And bring along your top hat, your horn (Abraham will play a duet with you) and your often questionable jokes. I have no doubt that there will be a Contrary Opinion segment in heaven and perhaps you are forming it now.

You are the model independent thinker. You reminded me that contrary thought was not about being against everyone else but to ask the questions no one ever asked. It is the white space on an Oriental painting that connects with the message in our minds.

You would remember the time when I introduced my mother to you. You complimented me by saying, “Dean is a good contrarian.” To which my mother, horrified, replied “Oh no, Jim, he could not be a contrarian. He was a good baby.” To her contrary was synonymous with misbehavior. That exchange you had with Irene LeBaron, who is up there with you now, defined for me what it meant to be a contrarian… and what it did not mean.

Your interests will continue through others in publishing, investment management and stimulating thought. You implanted much of yourself in others so that you will have eternal life on earth through them while you organize a new one upstairs.

And more that anything else Jim, you and Vicki have demonstrated to me the power of love for each other. I am sure you would have made this journey well before now had you not wanted to stay here with Vicki and she did not want to let you go. You gave life to each other and shared that vision as an inspiration with me. I’ll never forget the look in your eye, when that was all you could be seen to do, as you followed her in your vision. And she with you. A love story for the ages.

Jim, you will be in demand where you are going. Humphrey will ask if you have finished the work he left for you. Peter will ask how many books you have published. Mr. Johnson, still as Mr., will wonder how many investment strategies you have inspired? Your reply to all can be: I am my own man and completed my assignment and am ready to rest for a while before starting again here.

Jim… please save that seat for me.

– Dean LeBaron

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