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Video Casts » World Disease… For All of Us: Weakness

World Disease… For All of Us: Weakness

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Every country, every power structure is weaker now than in the past, say, a few decades. This development can be seen as a normal vetting in the Kondratieff winter… a transition from whatever economic and political compacts were in the previous two generations to something else. We do not yet know how to describe the “something else” but we are on the lookout. Meanwhile the old structures are being destroyed… destruction is a normal, healthy process in the adjustment but very painful when most of us are being involuntarily destroyed or modified drastically.

What is the right course? 1. To listen to new media in an attempt to learn from the “street”; 2. To be flexible. To the degree each of us as individuals or institutions were part of the old elite order, we are more likely to feel increased pain; 3. Remake ourselves.

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  1. Susan Berger
    Posted: 10 October 2012 at 18:26 pm

    Hello Dean,

    I have gone to your site often to see what you are thinking, unfortunately since I retired I have gone all Mac and real player does not work on the Mac. Do you hace any planes to accommodate the Mac?